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How Can You Find Luxury Restaurants Of Lima, Peru?

Many aspects can be taken into account when planning a luxury vacation to Peru: the way you move, the way you live, and the way you eat. With this last one, go no further than Lima where all the incredible gastronomy of the large country has congregated. In this capital metropolis which houses (and feeds) more than 8 million people, it's no surprise that one can find cuisine from almost any corner of Peru within just a few city blocks. Beyond the delicious street food and local hole-in-the-walls called hariques, Lima has all the 5-star dining areas and everything you're looking for and more to fit into your Peru luxury travel plans.

As a first time visitor to Lima or inaugural trip to Peru, one cannot miss trying the ceviche. The classic, national dish is made of a raw fish or seafood mixture marinated in fresh lime juice, a little bit of spicy aji pepper, and garnished with features such as lettuce, red onion, and salty choclo corn kernels. It is a very light dish perfect for a relaxing afternoon, but you'll still find yourself satisfied after a hearty plate of ceviche. Pair your entrée with a light beer, and soon you'll even feel Limeño! In Lima, there are dozens of renowned cevicherias that serve their namesake specialty typically during lunchtime hours. La Mar, owned and run by the famous Peruvian chef Gaston Acurio, is one of the more coveted dining locations. Reservations are not accepted, so be sure to arrive early around opening. Another of Gaston's star restaurants is Gaston y Astrid, the top of the top of Lima's cuisine map. Finally, for a more casual meal, head to Pescados Capitales where the plates are large and you can relax with a table of your friends and family without worry.

The other factor that defines luxury dining more than the food itself is the location. Thankfully, Lima is perfectly situated to suit just that. The Miraflores district sits on top of a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, allowing for a number of dining options for visitors to choose from. Some of the most dramatic are in the Larcomar shopping center just below the 5-star JW Mariott hotel. At Mangos, the expansive terrace will allow you to enjoy your national or international plate as you gaze at the panoramic view of the sea and plunging coastal cliffs around you. Punto Sal, a cevicheria, lies a bit further north, and its 3-story building also provides stunning views of the scenery. Finally, one of the most uniquely located restaurants in Lima is the Restaurant Huaca Pucllana, a fine eatery located within the grounds of the pre-Columbian pyramid structure of the same name. The aesthetics are particularly marvelous at night when the lights illuminate the ancient ruins, creating an atmosphere that harmoniously complements your traditional or criollo (fusion of traditional and contemporary) meal.
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